Cambridge Investment Research Inc.

Cambridge Investment Research Inc.


1776 Pleasant Plain Road

Fairfield, IA 52556

(800) 777-6080

Clearing firm: National Financial Services LLC, Pershing LLC

No. advisers: 4,214

No. franchises: 2,342

AUM: $114,065,469,702

Year founded: 1981

Year end: Dec. 31

No. of retail offices: 2,376

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CEOAmy Webber
Recruiting ContactKyle Selberg
(800) 777-6080
Compliance ContactSeth Miller
Marketing ContactJeff Vivacqua
(800) 777-6080
Technology Operations ContactNick Graham
(800) 777-6080

Recruitment & Staffing

2019 2018 2017
No. of reps4,2144,1553,956
No. of reps, male3,1193,0662,949
No. of reps, female1,0951,0891,007
No. of producing reps3,4073,2963,175
No. of producing reps, male2,8212,7272,635
No. of producing reps, female586569540
No. of reps producing $100K-$499K /year1,5881,4621,369
No. of reps producing $500K+ /year436373343
No. of CFPs799806778
No. of full-time employees863823754
No. of fee-based advisers served3,0442,9842,822
Average payout per rep, per year$298,538$280,224$262,588
Avg. annual production of top 20% reps$690,811$681,709$641,831
Total payout, per year$1,000,550,889$906,665,662$811,395,992
Cost of E&O insurance per rep, per year$3,000$3,000$2,850
Affiliation fees charged per rep, per yearNoneNoneNone
Affiliation fee coverageWe do not charge affiliation fees.We do not charge affiliation fees.We do not charge affiliation fees
$0-$249,999 $250K-$499,999 $500K-$749,999 $750K-$999,999 $1,000,000+
Mutual funds Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100%
Insurance Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100%
Variable annuities Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100%
Limited parterships Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100%
Securities Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100% Negotiable up to 100%
2019 2018 2017
Total revenues$1,000,550,889$906,665,662$811,395,992
Commission revenues$304,622,089$283,416,866$259,820,439
Securities revenues$19,918,245$15,571,030$15,272,447
Securities revenues: Stocks$11,831,297$8,712,813$7,489,612
Securities revenues: Bonds$5,495,647$3,897,825$3,296,524
Securities revenues: ETFs$2,265,455$2,300,703$4,111,110
Securities revenues: Other$325,846$659,689$375,201
Mutual fund revenues$83,643,582$82,757,616$77,228,535
Annuities revenues$167,827,421$158,375,714$141,004,065
Annuities revenues: Fixed$2,030,185$1,350,880$1,405,530
Annuities revenues: Variable$122,733,857$119,178,021$106,712,267
Annuities revenues: Other$43,063,379$37,846,813$32,886,268
Insurance revenue$16,460,239$9,325,658$9,042,509
Insurance revenues: Life$5,235,406$4,421,006$5,396,049
Insurance revenues: Disabilities000
Insurance revenues: LTC000
Insurance revenues: Other$11,224,833$4,904,652$3,646,460
Alternative revenues$7,708,282$8,026,178$8,181,254
Alternative revenues: Hedge funds000
Alternative revenues: Managed futures$4,450,125$5,138,188$5,003,113
Alternative revenues: Private placements000
Alternative revenues: REITs$3,006,111$2,590,707$2,450,177
Alternative revenues: Other$252,046$297,283$727,964
Other commission revenues$9,064,320$9,360,670$9,091,629
Fee revenues$540,973,217$509,612,090$459,796,516
Fee revenues: Rep-managed accounts$349,330,518$325,600,506$300,571,932
Fee revenues: Firm-managed accounts$55,480,892$53,969,834$47,483,993
Fee revenues: Outside-managed accounts$119,633,486$115,647,101$95,639,245
Fee revenues: Other$16,528,321$14,394,649$16,101,346
Total revenues: Other$154,955,582$113,636,706$91,779,037
2019 2018 2017
Total account assets$114,065,469,702$93,145,839,675$94,244,000,000
Fee-based assets$63,570,172,729$50,621,378,241$50,763,000,000
Fee-based assets: Clearing firm$35,993,596,286$27,147,417,015$27,529,000,000
Fee-based assets: Advisory firm platforms$6,373,011,400$5,344,961,935$5,292,000,000
Fee-based assets: Third-party money managers$7,990,352,469$8,310,085,476$7,864,000,000
Fee-based assets: Other$13,213,212,574$9,818,913,815$10,078,000,000
Total account assets: Other$50,495,296,973$42,524,461,434$43,480,000,000
Average assets per rep$27,068,218$22,417,771$23,823,054
Social Media & Mobile
Allows advisers to use social mediaY
Social media sites allowedFacebook
Dedicated mobile application for advisers?Y
Primary purpose of mobile application
Software Offered
Account aggregation software Albridge Wealth Reporting (Albridge, an affiliate of Pershing)
CashEdge (Fiserv)
Compliance software Protegent Surveillance (SunGard Data Systems Inc.)
Built in house/Proprietary
CRM Advisor Assistant (Client Marketing Systems Inc.)
Ebix CRM Smartoffice (Ebix)
Grendel Online (Big Brain Works LLC)
Junxure (CRM Software Inc.)
Redtail CRM (Redtail Technology)
Wealthbox (Gotham Tech Labs)
Document management Redtail Imaging (Redtail Technology)
Built in house/Proprietary
Financial planning Advizr
Cheshire Wealth Manager (Cheshire Software Inc.)
Easy Money (Money Tree Software Inc.)
eMoney360 (eMoney Advisor)
Finance Logix (Envestnet)
Golden Years (Money Tree Software Inc.)
MoneyGuidePro (PIEtech Inc.)
Morningstar Advisor Workstation (Morningstar Inc.)
NaviPro Planning Suite (Advicent, formerly Zywave)
Silver Financial Planner/Silver Online (Money Tree Software Inc.)
TOTAL Planning Suite (Money Tree Software Inc.)
AdvisorVision Advice America
Portfolio management Albridge Wealth Reporting (Albridge, and affiliate of Pershing)
Portfolio rebalancing Fidelity Wealth Central (Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services)
FolioDynamix (FolioDynamix)
NetX360 (Pershing)
Schwab Portfolio Rebalancer (Schwab Advisor Services)
Offers robo-advisory platform?N
If not, when plans to offer a robo-platform0-6 months
Robo-advice services offeredIn progress
How robo-platform developed
Charge for robo-advisory services?
  • N/A = Not available
  • N/D = Not disclosed
  • — = Information not available or not disclosed

All 2011-2016 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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