Centaurus Financial Inc.

Centaurus Financial Inc.

A member of Federation of Financial Services


2300 E. Katella Ave. Suite #200

Anaheim, CA 92806

(800) 880-4234


Clearing firm: Pershing LLC, TD Ameritrade

No. advisers: 648

No. franchises: 381

AUM: $23,000,000,000

Year founded: 1992

Year end: Apr. 30

No. of retail offices: 400

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CEOJ. Ronald King
Recruiting ContactTyler Shumaker
(800) 880-4234 x225

Kathy A. Swindell
(800) 880-4234

Tesh Lokumal
(800) 880-4234

Tesh Lokumal
800-880-4234 x212

John Trentor

John Trentor
800-880-4234 x300
Compliance ContactJerry V Duhovic
(800) 880-4234
Marketing ContactWestley H King
(800) 880-4234 x220
Technology Operations ContactRobert R. Castaneda
(800) 880-4234 x251

Recruitment & Staffing

2019 2018 2017
No. of reps648643633
No. of reps, male515515506
No. of reps, female133128127
No. of producing reps635638628
No. of producing reps, male507510502
No. of producing reps, female128128126
No. of reps producing $100K-$499K /year354350348
No. of reps producing $500K+ /year156152147
No. of CFPs200220236
No. of full-time employees888885
No. of fee-based advisers served498485480
Average payout per rep, per year$257,358$244,280$234,121
Avg. annual production of top 20% reps$695,000$685,000$674,389
Total payout, per year$147,570,324$140,732,144$132,795,586
Cost of E&O insurance per rep, per year$3080.00$3080.00ZERO
Affiliation fees charged per rep, per yearNonenoneN/A
Affiliation fee coverageN/Anot applicable
$0-$249,999 $250K-$499,999 $500K-$749,999 $750K-$999,999 $1,000,000+
Mutual funds 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90%
Insurance 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90%
Variable annuities 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90%
Limited parterships 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90%
Securities 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90%
Required minimum production$50,000
2019 2018 2017
Total revenues$163,422,286$155,849,550$147,027,885
Commission revenues$120,000,984$114,446,273$110,270,914
Securities revenues$14,315,792$13,649,892$8,821,673
Securities revenues: Stocks$7,108,869$6,771,894$2,940,558
Securities revenues: Bonds$4,902,669$4,686,012$2,940,558
Securities revenues: ETFs$2,222,543$2,116,759$1,470,279
Securities revenues: Other$81,711$75,227$1,470,279
Mutual fund revenues$18,679,167$17,809,444$18,084,430
Annuities revenues$69,356,418$66,146,208$61,751,712
Annuities revenues: Fixed$25,248,743$24,072,570$20,583,904
Annuities revenues: Variable$44,107,675$42,073,637$41,167,808
Annuities revenues: Other000
Insurance revenue$5,817,833$5,554,241$4,410,837
Insurance revenues: Life$4,951,695$4,729,026$3,675,698
Insurance revenues: Disabilities$130,738$130,5110
Insurance revenues: LTC$735,400$694,703$735,139
Insurance revenues: Other000
Alternative revenues$11,831,774$11,286,489$15,731,984
Alternative revenues: Hedge funds000
Alternative revenues: Managed futures000
Alternative revenues: Private placements000
Alternative revenues: REITs$11,831,774$11,286,489$15,731,984
Alternative revenues: Other000
Other commission revenues0$1,470,279
Fee revenues$43,421,302$41,403,277$36,756,971
Fee revenues: Rep-managed accounts$16,848,838$16,061,507$13,967,649
Fee revenues: Firm-managed accounts000
Fee revenues: Outside-managed accounts$23,712,574$22,617,382$19,481,195
Fee revenues: Other$2,859,890$2,724,388$3,308,127
Total revenues: Other000
2019 2018 2017
Total account assets$23,000,000,000$20,000,000,000$3,210,857,321
Fee-based assets$4,466,534,154$3,831,229,412$3,210,857,322
Fee-based assets: Clearing firm$1,957,308,381$1,607,486,5940
Fee-based assets: Advisory firm platforms$1,242,902,413
Fee-based assets: Third-party money managers$2,509,225,773$2,223,742,818$1,967,954,909
Fee-based assets: Other000
Total account assets: Other$18,533,465,846$16,168,770,5880
Average assets per rep$35,493,827$31,104,199$5,072,444
  • N/A = Not available
  • N/D = Not disclosed
  • — = Information not available or not disclosed

All 2011-2016 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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