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Arete Wealth Management

A subsidiary of Arete Wealth Inc.


1115 W. Fulton Market, 3rd Floor

Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 940-3684

Clearing firm: National Financial Services LLC

No. advisers: 147

No. franchises: 35

AUM: $1,298,676,794

Year founded: 2007

Year end: Dec. 31

No. of retail offices: 32

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CEOJoshua D. Rogers
Recruiting ContactNate Moster
(312) 940-3684

Joshua D. Rogers
(312) 940-3684
Compliance ContactBob Chung
(312) 940-3684
Marketing ContactNate Moster
(312) 940-3684
Technology Operations ContactHeidi Flanagan
(312) 940-3684

Recruitment & Staffing

2020 2019 2018
No. of reps132147144
No. of reps, male109124121
No. of reps, female232323
No. of producing reps929496
No. of producing reps, male868889
No. of producing reps, female667
No. of reps producing $100K-$499K /year313231
No. of reps producing $500K+ /year151618
No. of CFPs16184
No. of full-time employees131210
No. of fee-based advisers served726463
Average payout per rep, per year$270,074$233,117$200,338
Avg. annual production of top 20% reps$882,653$973,226$841,436
Total payout, per year$24,846,847$24,786,507$19,232,405
Cost of E&O insurance per rep, per year39003600
Affiliation fees charged per rep, per year300300
Affiliation fee coverageLicensing and registration servicesLicensing and registration services
2020 2019 2018
Total revenues$45,219,714$36,505,635$30,085,805
Commission revenues$14,455,230$14,075,999$11,715,759
Securities revenues$866,661$286,131$393,676
Securities revenues: Stocks$839,454$259,376$372,805
Securities revenues: Bonds$10,022$16,085$11,346
Securities revenues: ETFs
Securities revenues: Other$17,186$10,670$9,525
Mutual fund revenues$849,471$898,297$972,324
Annuities revenues$3,341,256$3,664,158$3,037,004
Annuities revenues: Fixed$143,946$221,693$88,762
Annuities revenues: Variable$3,197,310$3,442,465$2,948,242
Annuities revenues: Other
Insurance revenue$145,392$70,258$173,263
Insurance revenues: Life$145,392$70,258$173,263
Insurance revenues: Disabilities
Insurance revenues: LTC
Insurance revenues: Other
Alternative revenues$9,252,450$9,157,154$7,139,492
Alternative revenues: Hedge funds
Alternative revenues: Managed futures
Alternative revenues: Private placements$8,492,901$8,648,659$6,530,693
Alternative revenues: REITs
Alternative revenues: Other$759,549$508,495$608,799
Other commission revenues00
Fee revenues$11,478,278$11,270,667$10,362,588
Fee revenues: Rep-managed accounts$9,526,898$8,922,705$9,077,725
Fee revenues: Firm-managed accounts
Fee revenues: Outside-managed accounts$1,345,996$2,186,031$1,156,876
Fee revenues: Other$605,384$161,932$127,987
Total revenues: Other$19,286,207$11,158,969$8,007,458
2020 2019 2018
Total account assets$1,488,069,965$1,298,676,794$1,231,318,238
Fee-based assets$1,488,069,965$1,298,676,794$1,231,318,238
Fee-based assets: Clearing firm$1,206,723,196$1,034,578,923$1,074,245,875
Fee-based assets: Advisory firm platforms$274,862$24,087,745$30,751,790
Fee-based assets: Third-party money managers$281,071,907$240,010,126$126,320,573
Fee-based assets: Other
Total account assets: Other000
Average assets per rep$11,273,257$8,834,536$8,550,821
  • N/A = Not available
  • N/D = Not disclosed
  • — = Information not available or not disclosed

All 2011-2016 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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