American Portfolios Financial Services Inc.

American Portfolios Financial Services Inc.

A member of American Portfolios Holdings Inc.


4250 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ste. 420E

Holbrook, NY 11741

(631) 439-4600

Clearing firm: Charles Schwab, Pershing LLC, TD Ameritrade

No. advisers: 837

No. franchises: 405

AUM: $30,845,161,687

Year founded: 2001

Year end: Dec. 31

No. of retail offices: 398

For More Information

CEOLon T. Dolber
Recruiting ContactLon T. Dolber
(800) 889-3914 ext. 106
Compliance ContactMartin Wendel
(631) 439-4600 ext. 126

Craig Vollono
(631) 439-4600, ext. 226
Marketing ContactMelissa Grappone
(800) 889-3914 ext. 108
Technology Operations ContactLon T. Dolber
(631) 439-4600 ext. 106

Recruitment & Staffing

2019 2018 2017
No. of reps837840837
No. of reps, male699708715
No. of reps, female138132122
No. of producing reps723697695
No. of producing reps, male638615611
No. of producing reps, female858284
No. of reps producing $100K-$499K /year338413322
No. of reps producing $500K+ /year777062
No. of CFPs109105102
No. of full-time employees110105100
No. of fee-based advisers served562545527
Average payout per rep, per year$224,180$227,251$197,204
Avg. annual production of top 20% reps$636,390$656,863$586,927
Total payout, per year$162,215,250$159,378,147$137,056,622
Cost of E&O insurance per rep, per year$3,600/$4,020 $1 million/$2 million$3600/$4020 $1million/$2 million$3,600/$1million, $4,020/$2 million
Affiliation fees charged per rep, per year$2400$2,100
Affiliation fee coverageFidelity Bond, Signature Guarantee Surety Bond, SIPC, FINRA Assessment, FINRA Continuing Education, Audit Fee/Global Relay, CommissionWeb, Product Review ToolsFidelity Bond, FINRA Assessment, SIPC, CE, Audit Fee/Commissions Processing, Product Review Tools/Signature Guarantee/Surety BondFINRA Assessment, Fidelity Bond, SIPC, Continuing Education, Audit Fee/Global Relay, Commission Web, Annuity Intelligence, Signature Guarantee/Surety Bond
$0-$249,999 $250K-$499,999 $500K-$749,999 $750K-$999,999 $1,000,000+
Mutual funds 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95%
Insurance 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95%
Variable annuities 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95%
Limited parterships 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95%
Securities 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95%
Required minimum production$85,000
2019 2018 2017
Total revenues$227,503,420$218,210,687$190,145,579
Commission revenues$115,739,763$109,146,775$98,948,747
Securities revenues$12,365,586$12,607,513$12,154,128
Securities revenues: Stocks$8,072,136$6,697,387$7,292,477
Securities revenues: Bonds$1,302,346$1,142,175$1,332,092
Securities revenues: ETFs$312,353$1,470,158$1,605,560
Securities revenues: Other$2,678,751$3,297,793$1,923,999
Mutual fund revenues$29,986,454$30,777,243$29,885,128
Annuities revenues$49,747,103$45,689,787$42,817,952
Annuities revenues: Fixed$24,771,323$1,623,891$694,952
Annuities revenues: Variable$22,335,654$41,977,784$40,222,622
Annuities revenues: Other$2,640,126$2,088,112$1,900,378
Insurance revenue$558,545$775,705$799,922
Insurance revenues: Life$549,814$772,483$796,922
Insurance revenues: Disabilities$2,680$1,722$1,923
Insurance revenues: LTC$6,051$1,500$1,077
Insurance revenues: Other000
Alternative revenues$2,075,267$2,211,998$2,028,712
Alternative revenues: Hedge funds000
Alternative revenues: Managed futures$44,691$46,115$44,252
Alternative revenues: Private placements$1,327,555$508,800$599,618
Alternative revenues: REITs$703,021$1,597,000$1,336,775
Alternative revenues: Other0$60,083$48,067
Other commission revenues$21,006,808$17,084,529$11,262,905
Fee revenues$111,763,657$109,063,912$91,196,832
Fee revenues: Rep-managed accounts$72,199,967$70,951,395$60,161,622
Fee revenues: Firm-managed accounts$4,218,645$3,291,632$1,751,650
Fee revenues: Outside-managed accounts$23,332,770$22,815,362$19,498,379
Fee revenues: Other$12,012,275$12,005,523$9,785,181
Total revenues: Other000
2019 2018 2017
Total account assets$30,845,161,687$24,571,391,984$24,648,634,956
Fee-based assets$12,530,522,125$9,750,148,599$11,153,961,221
Fee-based assets: Clearing firm$4,335,110,098$3,490,593,408$4,731,156,829
Fee-based assets: Advisory firm platforms$202,524,948$135,010,466
Fee-based assets: Third-party money managers$2,737,659,990$1,999,579,480
Fee-based assets: Other$5,255,227,089$4,124,965,245$6,422,804,392
Total account assets: Other$18,314,639,562$14,821,243,385$13,494,673,735
Average assets per rep$36,852,045$29,251,657$29,448,787
Social Media & Mobile
Allows advisers to use social mediaY
Social media sites allowedFacebook
Dedicated mobile application for advisers?Y
Primary purpose of mobile applicationmobile application for our national conference - Connections
Software Offered
Account aggregation software Albridge Wealth Reporting (Albridge, an affiliate of Pershing)
ByAllAccounts Inc.
CashEdge (Fiserv)
eMoney 360 (eMoney Advisor)
Built in house/Proprietary
Compliance software Built in house/Proprietary
CRM Redtail CRM (Redtail Technology)
Document management Built in house/Proprietary
Financial planning Easy Money (Money Tree Software Inc.)
eMoney360 (eMoney Advisor)
Morningstar Advisor Workstation (Morningstar Inc.)
WealthStation Financial Planning (SunGard Data Systems Inc.)
Portfolio management Albridge Wealth Reporting (Albridge, and affiliate of Pershing)
Morningstar Office (Morningstar Inc.)
Morningstar Principia CAMS (Morningstar Inc.)
Built in house/Proprietary
Portfolio rebalancing iRebal, the Intelligent Rebalancer (ThinkTech Inc.)
Schwab Portfolio Rebalancer (Schwab Advisor Services)
Built in house/Proprietary
Offers robo-advisory platform?Y
If not, when plans to offer a robo-platform
Robo-advice services offered
How robo-platform developedIn-house
Charge for robo-advisory services?Y
  • N/A = Not available
  • N/D = Not disclosed
  • — = Information not available or not disclosed

All 2011-2016 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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