LaSalle St. Securities LLC

LaSalle St. Securities LLC


940 N. Industrial Drive

Elmhurst, IL 60126

(800) 777-7865

Clearing firm: Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions

No. advisers: 325

No. franchises: 100

AUM: $11,000,000,000

Year founded: 1974

Year end: Dec. 31

No. of retail offices: 155

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CEOJack McDermott
Top ExecutiveDaniel J. Schlesser
Recruiting ContactMark Contey
(630) 600-0360
Compliance ContactRegan Beaver
(630) 600-0500
Marketing ContactMark Contey
(630) 600-0360
Technology Operations ContactMark Contey
(630) 442-9430

Company Overview

At LaSalle St. Securities, LLC, the philosophy is simple, We Work For You. As a leading growing independent hybrid broker/dealer we are agile enough to support your overall business model and experienced and resourceful enough to assist in serving the unique day to day needs of your practice. Headquartered in the Midwest for more than 35 years, our management team has deep expertise in working side-by-side creating solutions and forging long term partnerships with investment professionals like you. Our seasoned Home Office staff averages over 15 years of tenure with the firm and work daily to provide world class service and solutions to our advisors across various Brokerage, RIA, and Insurance platforms. As a firm, we are known for our service, transparency, accessibility, and the long term relationships we have build with our employees and advisors. We look to the future with great excitement as we uncover new growth opportunities and welcome a conversation or meeting to discuss possibilities.

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2019 2018 2017
No. of reps300315325
No. of reps, male255255269
No. of reps, female456056
No. of producing reps235270250
No. of producing reps, male195225210
No. of producing reps, female404540
No. of reps producing $100K-$499K /year190170165
No. of reps producing $500K+ /year353530
No. of CFPs403735
No. of full-time employees303230
No. of fee-based advisers served135130125
Average payout per rep, per year$200,000$180,000$190,000
Avg. annual production of top 20% reps$500,000$480,000$475,000
Total payout, per year$40,000,000$38,000,000$37,751,000
Cost of E&O insurance per rep, per year15001500
Affiliation fees charged per rep, per yearNoneNone
Affiliation fee coverage
$0-$249,999 $250K-$499,999 $500K-$749,999 $750K-$999,999 $1,000,000+
Mutual funds 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95% 91%-95% 91%-95%
Insurance 96%-100% 96%-100% 96%-100% 96%-100% 96%-100%
Variable annuities 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95% 91%-95% 91%-95%
Limited parterships 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95% 91%-95% 91%-95%
Securities 86%-90% 86%-90% 91%-95% 91%-95% 91%-95%
Required minimum production$125,000
2019 2018 2017
Total revenues$43,000,000$40,833,000$37,800,000
Commission revenues$31,250,000$25,000,000$28,000,000
Securities revenues$10,000,000$8,500,000$10,774,000
Securities revenues: Stocks$4,000,000$4,200,000$5,700,000
Securities revenues: Bonds$2,000,000$1,800,000$1,900,000
Securities revenues: ETFs$2,500,000$2,000,000$2,649,000
Securities revenues: Other$500,000$500,000$525,000
Mutual fund revenues$15,000,000$14,000,000$15,800,000
Annuities revenues$7,000,000$8,000,000$10,000,000
Annuities revenues: Fixed$2,000,000$2,500,000
Annuities revenues: Variable$6,000,000$7,500,000
Annuities revenues: Other
Insurance revenue
Insurance revenues: Life
Insurance revenues: Disabilities
Insurance revenues: LTC
Insurance revenues: Other
Alternative revenues$250,000$200,000$250,000
Alternative revenues: Hedge funds0
Alternative revenues: Managed futures0
Alternative revenues: Private placements0
Alternative revenues: REITs$250,000$200,000$250,000
Alternative revenues: Other0
Other commission revenues
Fee revenues$10,000,000$8,000,000$8,800,000
Fee revenues: Rep-managed accounts$8,000,000$6,000,000$6,350,000
Fee revenues: Firm-managed accounts$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,250,000
Fee revenues: Outside-managed accounts$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Fee revenues: Other
Total revenues: Other$1,000,000$1,000,000$200,000
2019 2018 2017
Total account assets$11,000,000,000$10,000,000,000$915,000,000
Fee-based assets$2,500,000,000$2,000,000,000$915,000,000
Fee-based assets: Clearing firm$1,800,000,000$1,500,000,000$700,000,000
Fee-based assets: Advisory firm platforms$550,000,000$400,000,000$150,000,000
Fee-based assets: Third-party money managers$75,000,000$60,000,000$35,000,000
Fee-based assets: Other$75,000,000$60,000,000$30,000,000
Total account assets: Other000
Average assets per rep$36,666,667$31,746,032$2,815,385
Social Media & Mobile
Allows advisers to use social mediaY
Social media sites allowedFacebook
Dedicated mobile application for advisers?N
Primary purpose of mobile application
Software Offered
Account aggregation software
Compliance software Protegent Surveillance (SunGard Data Systems Inc.)
CRM Redtail CRM (Redtail Technology)
Document management Built in house/Proprietary
Financial planning eMoney360 (eMoney Advisor)
Morningstar Advisor Workstation (Morningstar Inc.)
NaviPro Planning Suite (Advicent, formerly Zywave)
Thomson One Wealth Management (Thomson Reuters)
Portfolio management
Portfolio rebalancing Fidelity Wealth Central (Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services)
Offers robo-advisory platform?N
If not, when plans to offer a robo-platform6-12 months
Robo-advice services offered
How robo-platform developed
Charge for robo-advisory services?
  • N/A = Not available
  • N/D = Not disclosed
  • — = Information not available or not disclosed

All 2011-2016 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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